Moman wallpaper, new wallpaper, new mood

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Want to change the environment? Change your mood? Just stick it gently and stick the wallpaper you like, you can make the wall of your home fresh and natural, classical and noble, or fashionable and simple

wallpaper is gradually becoming a new favorite in the home market. At present, it has products matching with various mainstream home decoration styles, such as simple, modern, European, pastoral, Chinese, cartoon and so on. At the same time, there are thousands of colors to choose from

in terms of technology, the papermaking process of moman wallpapers is environmentally friendly. It mainly uses high-quality wood grown under special climatic conditions in Europe and the United States, plus the production water source and water-based printing pigments (extracted from flowers and flax) that have been specially cleaned. Its products do not contain any polyethylene and chlorine elements. It is a new product of the highest quality in the pure paper series, with good respiratory function, ventilation, moisture resistance, mildew resistance and other properties. It has the characteristics of scrub resistance, anti-static, no dust collection, no edge warping, etc., and has a long service life

there are many colors of moman wallpapers, which can be posted repeatedly and replaced at any time. There is no need to shovel the wall or repair the wall. You can give your home a new look during new years, festivals or special days

change the wallpapers and mood. The fashionable, environmental friendly and healthy quality of moman wallpapers can create a comfortable environment for families and bring you a comfortable and safe experience





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