How to place the wardrobe in the bedroom

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The bedroom is our usual place to rest. In order to make us more comfortable and relaxed to enjoy leisure time, the purchase and placement of every piece of furniture in the bedroom is very important. The wardrobe in the bedroom is an essential furniture in the bedroom. It can not only store the wardrobe and other items, but also give the whole bedroom a decorative effect. So, what are the styles of the bedroom wardrobe? How to put the wardrobe in the bedroom? Next, the editor will introduce the complete collection of bedroom wardrobes and the placement of wardrobes

introduction to bedroom wardrobe

1 Elegant retro European style wardrobe for European style home decoration, its bedroom must be elegant retro European style wardrobe. This kind of wardrobe is made of ivory white solid wood and equipped with a combination of six flat doors. This retro design is more charming. For European style design, great attention is paid to fresh and elegant design, metal ring design, functional collocation and appearance structure. This design reflects the elegant design effect. The overall color system and other supporting combinations of the bedroom make the bedroom look elegant, comfortable and harmonious

2. Economic multi-functional wardrobe in the bedroom is very important when the bedroom itself is not very big. The design of this kind of bedroom wardrobe is simple but not simple, and its shape is changeable. What is more popular is its multi-functional storage, which can meet the needs of modern life without worrying about having nowhere to put clothes and other items

3. Bedroom wardrobe collection of fashionable style bedroom wardrobe

this kind of bedroom wardrobe design adopts charming white and generous and noble purple as the main material, and its material is baking varnish material, which has rich colors, clear and beautiful lines. The craft of this fashionable bedroom wardrobe is unique, which is very popular with young people

4. Wood grain natural windbreaker cabinet in the collection of bedroom wardrobe

the design line of this kind of bedroom wardrobe is clean and tidy, without too much decoration, and the exposed drawer on the bottom floor is more classical and elegant, which can better reflect a relaxed and happy attitude towards life. In addition, the classic elegant shape of the louver and the unique cracked paint waist line can better reflect the fresh fashion of the wardrobe. There is also a top-level wardrobe, whose storage function is even more amazing. Wood grain natural windbreaker cabinet is simple and practical, which is well combined with the bedroom

how to put the wardrobe in the bedroom

1 The wardrobe should be on the left side of the bed: in Feng Shui, the left is green dragon for Yang, and the right is white tiger for Yin. So the best way to sleep between husband and wife is that men sleep on the left and women sleep on the right. The green dragon should be high and the white tiger should be low, so the higher wardrobe should be placed on the left side of the bed

2. Wardrobe size and space collocation: in Feng Shui, pay attention to the coordination and balance of yin and Yang, so the size of the wardrobe should be selected according to the space size of the bedroom

3. Avoid the wardrobe with a mirror on the head of the bed: pay special attention to the wardrobe with a mirror when purchasing it. Even if there is one, it cannot be on the head of the bed, as well as the bedroom window and bedroom door. In Feng Shui, the mirror facing the head of the bed is not conducive to sleep. The mirror facing the window will make the light messy and make people feel uneasy. The mirror facing the door means that privacy is peeped by the outside world

article summary: the above content is the Xiaobian's introduction to the bedroom wardrobe and the relevant explanation of how to place the bedroom wardrobe. The selection and placement of the bedroom wardrobe are very important, which is not only related to whether we can relax at rest, but also related to the impact of Feng Shui on Residents




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