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Bayer materials technology will build a new world-class TDI device in Germany

recently, German media said that Bayer materials technology plans to invest 150 million euros in Germany to build a new world-class TDI device

according to the production capacity of 30000 tons, the annual production capacity of the new TDI unit will reach 300000 tons, which will replace the existing TDI units in domagen and brunsb ü TTEL, Germany. This is one of the strategies of the company to optimize the isocyanate product line in this region

Dr. Tony van osselaer, a member of the board of directors of Bayer materials technology, said: "this investment shows Bayer's clear commitment to the North Rhine and Westphalia as industrial areas, which also strengthens the position of domagen as a research center in global TDI technology. You are welcome to discuss with us, and it also provides long-term and stable jobs for this region."

the project is being submitted to the local authorities for approval. The site is located in a coal-fired power plant that will be closed soon. After the completion of the device, domagen will become the only area where Bayer materials technology produces TDI in Europe

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