Deepen global layout Zoomlion has built a dream of

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Deepen global layout Zoomlion's dream of building the "the Belt and Road"

deepen global layout Zoomlion's dream of building the "the Belt and Road"

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. At the two sessions, the "the Belt and Road" as a national strategy was "highlighted" many times. On March 15, Premier Li Keqiang once again stressed: "we are confident to share a prosperous economy with the world." Looking at the economic situation at home and abroad, the "the Belt and Road" strategy in 2017 will usher in key progress. The "the Belt and Road" International Cooperation summit forum to be held in Beijing in May this year also provides new opportunities for win-win cooperation among countries along the region

zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said, "in the past, we went out by ourselves. Now we can follow the national the Belt and Road strategy and go better."

as a leading equipment manufacturing enterprise benefiting from the strategic focus of the "the Belt and Road", Zoomlion is deeply engaged in overseas markets, has industrial parks or production bases in 9 countries along the "the Belt and Road", including Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belarus and India, 20 overseas trade platforms and 8 overseas spare parts central warehouses, and its products are exported to 31 countries along the "belt and road". Behind these figures, Zoomlion has explored an effective "new international road" for construction machinery and even the whole Chinese equipment manufacturing industry with its own practice

raxtar construction elevator helps build the New World Trade Center building in the United States.

it is convenient to add corresponding devices to do various material mechanics experiments. The "the Belt and Road" seeks a new global pattern.

recently, Zoomlion sent 29 truck cranes to Kuwait, the "the Belt and Road" country, which will be mainly used in new large-scale oil smelting projects in Kuwait. At the same time, the enterprise is also constantly strengthening the Dubai subsidiary, expanding the spare parts warehouse, increasing the reserve of high-frequency spare parts and upgrading the robot training center

export products and enhanced services are just a microcosm of Zoomlion's continuous progress in the "the Belt and Road". Up to now, Zoomlion's R & D center, production base, market network and service system have spread in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and its products cover more than 100 countries and regions on seven continents. Moreover, Zoomlion has taken the lead in global resource allocation and established a three-dimensional and in-depth NEW pattern of "two horizontal and two vertical" in the world

from baolujie in the UK to MTEC in Germany and China Belarus Industrial Park in Belarus, as well as emerging countries with strong market share, Zoomlion has integrated global resources, exported high-quality products and walked out of a Xintiandi

from Brazilian subsidiaries to R & D centers in North America and branches in Africa, Zoomlion has exported high-quality technology and achieved "global flowers and leapfrog development" through channelized management in these countries and regions

in order to realize the allocation of resources such as R & D, sales and services worldwide, Zoomlion has paid close attention to key countries. Since 2013, Zoomlion has successively acquired world-class enterprises such as German m-TEC company, Netherlands raxtar company and Italy ladurner

taking raxtar as an example, its construction elevator products have participated in the construction and construction of many international benchmark projects such as the world trade center in New York and the Central Park building in New York, and have strong competitive strength in the world. The merger and acquisition of raxtar also enables Zoomlion to share technology and benefits all over the world

raxtar construction elevator helps build the New World Trade Center building in the United States. This project is considered to be the most complex construction project in American history

Zoomlion has formed a localized manufacturing cluster around the "the Belt and Road" by continuously expanding its business territory and carrying out targeted foreign investment to build factories, realizing the transfer of advantageous production capacity, consolidating its leading position in the industry, and improving the comprehensive competitiveness of key regions

continue to "go in" to accelerate cultural integration and symbiosis

the promotion of the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road", in addition to sharing the prosperity of the economy with the countries along the the Belt and Road, the more important mission is to accelerate the integration and symbiosis of the cultures of various regions along the "belt and road"

it can be said that the "the Belt and Road" strategy is an opportunity, but it is also a challenge for China's equipment manufacturing industry. Because the technological innovation, cultural integration and management mode matching of enterprises will become more prominent and difficult to control than domestic enterprises

the past successful internationalization cases of Chinese enterprises show that local industrial demand, consumption preference, laws and regulations, language exchange, regional culture and other factors may become the key to the success or failure of Chinese enterprises' going global

through "going in", Zoomlion has summarized the five basic principles of "tolerance, sharing,, rules and dancing", which has been highly recognized and respected, and also promoted the cultural exchanges between the East and the West

it is understood that the five enterprises acquired by Zoomlion overseas have achieved integration and coordination without layoffs, replacements and personnel assignment. On the one hand, Zoomlion actively understands the characteristics of local business culture, market rules and working habits, respects differences and makes appropriate comity. In the implementation of cultural integration, the top-down implementation method is adopted to make employees identify with the enterprise in concept and make the culture actively intervene in the other enterprise. On the other hand, it has established efficient communication channels and strategies, found and solved problems in time, better resolved the cultural conflicts arising from M & A, and promoted the integration of cultural exchanges

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, also won the Leonardo international award issued by the Italian president, while the general manager of m-TEC company acquired by Zoomlion in 2013 has become an honorary citizen of Changsha. The two sides have taken substantive steps in win-win cooperation and cultural identity and integration

undoubtedly, under the spring breeze of the "the Belt and Road" national strategy, Zoomlion has gone farther and farther in the overseas market in recent years. With the in-depth promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, the industrialization and urbanization process of the host country has entered a medium and high-level stage, which is also the development stage of integration of Asia and Europe. It can bring opportunities for China's high-end manufacturing enterprises to layout global integrated operations. Zoomlion has seized this opportunity and set an excellent example for Chinese enterprises to practice the "the Belt and Road"

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